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Global Immigration
Welcome to 5-Rays   |   Head quartered in Bengaluru, we are truly global. Our delivery centers in Singapore, India, USA, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, South-Korea, Japan & Canada enable us to achieve a global presence.   |  Totally focused on client’s needs, we design, develop and deliver superior solutions.   |   We customize professional services with a high degree of customer centric analyses and strategic responses.

Global Immigration

Strategic deployment of employees, both locally and internationally, is critical for companies to succeed. 5-Rays has a credible record of success in guiding companies to success. We have been engaged fruitfully in this endeavor to serve corporate sector for over two decades.

5-Rays works through three areas of engagement:
• Assessing the nature of deployment
• Expert evaluation of available options, and
• Deciding and recommending the work permit and visa types which are most appropriate.

This multi-pronged approach enables 5-Rays to offer comprehensive immigration services. Companies can apply the benefits of our expertise to both short and long term international assignments of their employees.
Work permits vary by
• Country
• Circumstances
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This poses complex, cross - border cultural challenges to companies.
It is here that 5-Rays succeeds, designing customized solutions, according to the needs of the company. We ensure that the solutions we design are totally in compliance with immigration laws in force, and are robust enough to support the business needs of our clients.

Immigration Assistance

We specialize in providing fast and reliable services handling the immigration requirements professionally. Our visa services are applicable to the following areas
• Work Permits
• Visa stamping
• Local registration

Outbound Immigration

• Discuss and understand the client deployment requirements in the host country
• Access the case and suggest the appropriate work permit category considering local compliance
• Guide through the process and list of documents from an assignee, home country company and
  host country company
• Advice on the type of contract (Home /host country) and salary requirement
• Filing the application with respective authority and follow up on regular basis
• Take care of end to end process including both pre arrival and post arrival steps
• Extension of immigration documents and automatic notification to client well in advance of document
• Extension of immigration documents and automatic notification to client well in advance of document
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